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LaughShots! The Laugh of the party!
Our Unique and Wildly Fun onsite studio makes crazy shots with outrageous props! We offer instant web uploads and 4x6 prints with your logo. Make your event an absolute BLAST! Visit: LaughShots.com
  Plenary Entertainment
Entertain your guests and recap the events of the day while they are waiting for the session to begin. Or end your event on a high note as we remind them of the fun they had. Features photos, sponsor slides & music.
Onsite Studio
Our onsite studio is ideal for banquets, awards, or company headshots. We also offer onsite printing where the finished photos can be placed in elegant foil-embossed folders with the sponsor’s name and the event.

Photo Boards
Guests love getting free prints from our unique photo boards. Sponsor signage appears on each board.

" We’ve received very positive feedback about the pictures and our sponsorship. MUCH better than handing out items of dubious value!" - Vanliner

Exhibitor Services
We also offer photography and video services for your exhibitors. These include product photography, booth photography, and videos of live demonstrations.
  Web Video Testimonials
Let your attendees and exhibitors talk up your event and share it on your website. You receive an edited web-ready piece as well as testimonials and photos for marketing purposes. View Samples
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